My First Pull Request - Hacktoberfest

It has been a tough couple of weeks trying to find projects to work on and get up and running with some open source code bases, but fortunately I was able to contribute with a small project with Javascript using PassportJs to authenticate with social media API platforms.

The Project - MERN Logins

The project I contributed with is fairly new and small. Its owner wants to implement login methods for most major social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google and GitHub for example to be used in a MERN Stack project. I have implemented login features and methods for Twitter as requested by the repository owner and sent my pull request to it.

MERN Stack

The name caught my attention, so I looked up online how does the MERN Stack works. I came to learn that it is a full stack comprised of specific technologies, in this case MongoDB as the database, Express.js as a web server, React as the web framework and Node.js for API and data processing. In the past at Seneca we used this set of technologies but it was quite a while ago, and since I am more used to the "MEAN Stack" that uses Angular instead of React, I decided to contribute mainly with the Node.js part, which I am familiar with.


Although small, this first contribution was great to help me familiarize with the open source community. I will be working on two other projects in the meantime, which are considerably bigger and will pose me more challenges, so I am very excited to contribute with them, both in C#.


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