Hacktoberfest #2 - UWP App Launcher

For my second pull request I worked on a Windows application which I found very interesting since I could relate to the problem that it tries to solve.

UWP App Launcher

This app launcher is an alternative to the live tiles that Microsoft brought with the early versions of Windows 8 back in 2012 and still ships with its Windows products. Although enhanced nowadays, the live tiles are still the reason of headaches for some people who dislike them, plus, there is no alternative to this layout so users are made "hostages" of the system as it is.

From the UWP App Launcher's creators: "The whole point of this project is to provide the best traditional home screen experience as possible for Windows 10 devices. Some people don't like Live Tiles so this is an alternative for them. Also, apps load faster when opened with this launcher."

Below you can see the comparison between the App Launcher (left) and Windows Phone's native home screen (right):

Launcher Demo Image result for windows phone home screen

When I first saw the project I got really excited, especially for mobile users who dislike tiles this could be a great alternative for the interface as it looks more familiar to all users, either from Apple or Android's home screen layouts as you can also see below:

Image result for android home screen Image result for ios home screen

My work within the project

My fix for this project was fairly simple as I added support to more image formats for the app's background as requested by Issue #6.

I have added a few lines of code with the file extensions required and tested the image formats that were supported by the system as the way it is programmed. The fix has been added by my pull request #39.

I will probably be filing a few issues that I found in the project and hope to be collaborating with it in the near future.


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