Release 0.3 - My contributions with Telescope and .NET Winforms


As part of our open source class our classmates are all working to modernize a system that is very important to Seneca's open source community, where their blogs and content are all concentrated into a single page where everyone at CDOT can "gather" to see what's going on.

My contribution for Telescope was to create a new logo for it, so I tried to get as most creative as I could while adding purpose to it, so for that I started with CDOT's logo, since as part of CDOT's software portfolio, Telescope should have a relatable brand to it, so its main feature is Seneca's CDOT logo with a few additions.

To the logo I added the Image of the Hubble telescope. One could ask, ok why the Hubble and what does it have to do with a tool that, in a nutshell, tracks blogs feeds and gathers the posts in an easy to read place? Well, since Telescope is built under the Open Source Philosophy I needed something that would relate to it and had everything to do with technology, so as I wrote in my comment for the initial logo: "Did you know that "Hubble is the only telescope designed to be maintained in space by astronauts. Five Space Shuttle missions have repaired, upgraded, and replaced systems on the telescope, including all five of the main instruments" (Wikipedia). Doesn't this also sound familiar to you? The Hubble is also all about collaboration!"

At the first moment I received remarks that it contained copyrighted content, so a few fixes were required, although, honestly I preferred the first Hubble picture, we could not use it due to its copyrights, so I retrieved another image from NASA's website and removed other copyright-protected logos from it, so we ended up with it looking quite different, but following the same purpose:


I have been trying to add my collaboration to Winforms since my first work within the open source community and I am glad to say that I have finally been able to do so! 

For Winforms I have been assigned to create many unit tests for several classes within it, the issue itself is huge (over 20 classes!), so I created a pull request for a couple of them and also a method. It might sound small, but one of these classes took me over 450 lines of test code to make! 

I really enjoyed working with these tests, I did a lot of learning about unit testing and how to properly address them with mock data and proper test cases, although I think I still have a lot to learn, it was a great experience overall and it is going to help me coming back in my second co-op term, since I wrote a few .NET unit tests back there in my first term.

My work within Winforms

I wrote 31 test cases for the DesignerUtils class of Winforms as it can be seen in my pull request. A few fixes will be required for the merge but I believe it will be merged soon and hope to keep building these tests until I can close the issue I'm working on. Underneath you can see an example of one of the tests I wrote:


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